Day Care


DayCare is a healthy, fun, safe environment for your dog when you cannot be home with your dog during the day. Dogs come to our facility to play, exercise, and get the chance to socialize with other friendly dogs and people.

Our staff matches day care dogs by their sizes and temperaments. Each group of dogs has its own separate play area at the gym where there is indoor air conditioned comfort. For potty breaks and running off extra energy, there are two acres of romping room outdoors on green lawn.

We offer healthy snacks and treats as well as cozy places for your dog to take a quiet afternoon nap. We also offer basic pup cleanup, professional grooming services, and dog training lessons while your dog spends the day with us.

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Full Day of Day Care-$20

Half Day of Day Care-$15 (4 hours or less)

Call --706-378-BARK

********************************  GEORGIA DOG GYM  DAYCARE  

Chevy Bergstrom

Doggie daycare at Georgia Dog Gym has been an awesome experience for our Golden Retriever, Chevy.  How great it is to have a place your dog can go to and play while you have to be away. Chevy’s favorite pastime is chasing the ball and he gets to do this at daycare. He is so excited each time I take him and has made many new dog friends there. He greets his buddies and off he goes to chase the ball!!!  It is so rewarding to pick him up after a play day and know he has had a blast.  He is worn out and you can tell he has had quite a workout. It is great exercise for him and also a very good way to socialize your dog.  I never have to worry if I am away from home for a long time about him being lonely.  All I have to say is, “Chevy you want to go to play time today?” He is at the door waiting to get in the car.


                       Betsy Bergstrom

Chevy Loves to Play Ball!


October 8, 2007
I am writing this to commend the good people at Georgia Dog Gym. They are caring and good natured people. But to really tell you how much I think of them, I have to tell you about Shadow.
Shadow is our German Shepherd. We think she is about 6 years old. I say, we think, because Shadow was adpoted from a shelter. The story I was told is that she was found chained up, underneath a drug dealer's porch. Her litters of puppies were all dead. She had knawed her teeth down trying to get off the chain. She had a bad case of mange. As if all of that were not enough to melt my heart, when I took her to the vet to be examined, we found out she had bird shot in her eye. You can plainly see it. It apparently has not affected her vision to any great extent and her eye has healed around it.
Shadow is a fine, healthy girl now. I did, however, find out why she was called Shadow. It seems I can't leave her by herself. She always wants to be with me. So I make allowances in my life, like bringing her into the office or taking her with me whenever I go somewhere. When I have to be in court or be out of the office for any time, she goes to the Dog Gym for day care.
Shadow acts like she owns the place. There's a reason for that. From the moment I turn on to Kingston Hwy., I can see a difference in her behavior. When I start to make the turn on to Fred Kelly, Shadow starts trying to go under my legs to get out. When I park my truck, she literally dives out of the truck and heads for the front door. There have been several times she had almost knocked me down in an effort to get inside Dog Gym. When I open the door, she goes running back to find someone. She is usually greeted with an enthusiastic "SHADOW". She absolutely adores the people there and I think the feeling is returned.
It is so gratifying to see her reaction to Dog Gym and how well they treat her. I especially like the fact that someone goes outside with her and the other dogs when they let them out to play in the yard. I know Shadow is in very good hands when I leave her there for day care or boarding. They have my complete trust and thanks.



Georgia Dog Gym. 35 Fred Kelly Road. Rome, Georgia 30161. 706-378-BARK