Introduction to Frisbee


Starts: To be scheduled

4 Weeks


Class size limit:  6 dog/handler teams


1.       Obedience Training is recommended but not strictly required.

2.       Dog must be 4months of age or older.

3.       No discounts for Multiple Dogs.

4.       Must Submit a Registration Form & current Health Record Form.

5.       Must pay in person or call in a credit card number in order to reserve a space in class.


This will be a fun course designed to introduce you and your dog to the fundamentals of frisbee play and the elements of frisbee competition.  Each lesson will be split between teaching the handler how to throw the frisbee and then teaching the dog how to catch the frisbee. You will need to be able to have your dog crated through the portions of the class where you are learning various types of frisbee throwing.

Included in the class:

1.       How to play frisbee in a way that prevents injury to your dog and keeps your dog safe.

2.       How to properly throw a frisbee so that a dog can safely catch it.

3.       Teaching your dog to be able to leap and land safely.

4.       Learning exercises to do with your dog to improve his ability to track and catch the frisbee.

5.       Introduction to trick training with the Frisbees so that you can create a Freestyle Frisbee Routine.

6.       Introduction to the Toss and Fetch  Frisbee game.



Georgia Dog Gym. 35 Fred Kelly Road. Rome, Georgia 30161. 706-378-BARK