How many other websites have you visited where you can see actual videotape footage of the trainer training dogs?
Dog training should not be a secret. A great trainer will be proud to share the results of the training that they accomplish. There are many who can talk the Georgia Dog Gym we really walk the walk!
Below you will see collections of video clips from the past three years, of Cyndy Douan actually training dogs who have been enrolled in Georgia Dog Gym and Kingston Kennels Board and Train programs.

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Be aware that these videos may take a long time to download and if you have a dial up connection, you may not be able to view them with your computer. 

This is a video clip of Cyndy Douan working with a young Labrador Retriever named "Autumn". Before coming into the training program, Autumn refused to get in her crate and if she was placed in the crate, she would bark constantly and struggle to get out of the crate. Cyndy is working with Autumn on accepting the crate and being comfortably confined in the crate.

This is a mixed breed puppy named "Jacy". Cyndy is shown doing a training session with Jacy where they are working on the "place" command and where Jacy is learning to respond to commands even when there are distractions around her.

This is Deisel the Doberman. Cyndy is working with Diesel on all of his obedience in a "new environment", the agility arena.

This is Blake, one of Cyndy's Agility Students. He is handling Bentley in a USDAA Jumper's run at their very first agility trial. Bentley had been returned to the breeder by the original owner for behavioral problems. The previous owner had trouble with Bentley running out of the agility ring to chase other dogs and refusing to return to him. Looks like with the help of Georgia Dog Gym training, that problem is now solved!

This is Joan Fuller running her dog Gypsy at a USDAA Agility Trial. Before Joan enrolled in training with Cyndy Douan, Gypsy could not be trusted to listen to Joan if Gypsy was not wearing a leash. Looks like Gypsey is listening pretty well to Joan without a leash on now!

It is one thing to be able to train your do to heel, sit, stay, & lie down. Will your dog do that reliably for you when another dog is running loose around him?? This mixed breed six month old puppy named "Shepherd" can! This video shows some of the training done to help that happen. It's called "reliability". It's important to have if you are going to have guests at your home or if you plan to take your dog out into public places.

Here is Autumn again. This is another example of the training that helps dogs to behave RELIABLY, no matter what else is happening around them.

This is Kahlua, a beautiful seven month old Great Dane! He is showing off what he's learned during his boarding training. If you look carefully, you'll see that he's not wearing a leash or a collar.

If you are tired of your dog's jumping up, pulling, door crashing, counter surfing, barking incessantly, and running away, why don't you let us help you?

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