If you are planning a business trip, vacation or just having a few quiet days at home, why not send your dog to Doggie Camp? Here he will be learning to be not just a good dog but a great dog. And doing this in our happy, healthy home 'schoolroom"


Create a Partnership with your dog and have control both on and off leash!




What your dog WILL do...

* Come when called - both on or off leash!
* Sit or down ... and stay there!
* Walk politely by your side on  leash!

* Follow you off leash in safe environments!

* Behave as a true companion happily!


Happily trained dogs at Georgia Dog Gym will also learn  NOT to..


* Jump up on people
* Dash through doors

* Bite or growl at people
* Dig holes
* Bark

* Chew  on furniture
* Climb on furniture you do not wish them to be on.

* Steal food and object off countertops and tables.


Our entire focus is on creating good  acceptable behavior in your dog.


We do this quickly, effectively and lovingly. Plus we GUARANTEE our training for the life of your dog.


Your dog will learn in our home environment. Tell us any specific requirements and we will customise our training to suit your needs.


Go through these stages with us


1. Call us for a behavior consultation where we can discuss your unique needs and situation.


2.  Fix a date for you to visit us to see our facility and how we will train your dog. We believe you will  be amazed at how we work with your dog and how his attitude will change yet he will remain comfortable and happy.


3. Following the consultation  we can reserve  twenty-one day boarding and training for your dog at our facility.


4.  Upon coming to collect your dog not only will you will be pleased to meet your great dog, but to complete the training, you will train with us and your dog for a minimum of  90 minutes.


5.  We  guarantee our work for as long as you own your dog. Our training is for the life of your dog within your family and if you ever have problems with your dog again, then you may call us to help you with no further fees applied

The Boarding Training Program at Georgia Dog Gym is a 3 week program where we teach the basic obedience commands: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come,  and a Release Command. The first week of training is spent introducing the concepts. The second week is spent here at the gym proofing the commands under distractions. The third week of training includes field trips to local parks as well as training on the city sidewalks of downtown Rome, GA.  At the end of the program you will receive a send home lesson where we spend as much time as is necessary reviewing the training with you. The Boarding Training Program includes two 30-minute lessons per day with the dog, boarding fees, one bath, and incidental training equipment needs. We ask the you supply your own dog's food, treats, and chews or toys for the stay.

Cost: The cost for our boarding school program is $1,895.00. For this investment, we will return to you a happy, well behaved pet ready to enjoy the rest of her life as your family companion. You'll be able to go everywhere together...on or off leash, always well mannered and under control. That's because we only use our amazing E-Touch (tm). It's absolutely force free! And remember...the training is GUARANTEED for the lifetime of your dog. Click Here to see OUR GUARANTEE.
Available Dates:
We're now booking dogs for check-in March 2017 and beyond. Please call us at


Georgia Dog Gym. 35 Fred Kelly Road. Rome, Georgia 30161. 706-378-BARK