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Constructed in 1997, Kingston Kennels is a family owned and operated training facility designed to provide the ultimate in care and training for your pet.


About the Owners

Cyndy Douan, MHDL, and her husband, Jeffrey White share the responsibilities of running the kennel. Jeffrey maintains and manages the physical aspects of the facility. Cyndy trains, cares for the pets, and handles booking of reservations. Cyndy and Jeff also own Georgia Dog Gym in Rome, Ga.


Cyndy has been a full time working dog trainer here in Georgia for 24 years, and has trained thousands of dogs in that time. Cyndy has focused her training on dealing with dogs whose behavior is problematic. She has a successful track record with problems such as house soiling, destructive chewing, hyperactivity, running away, leash pulling, chasing, barking, biting, fears and phobias, obsessive disorders, and separation anxiety. Cyndy is capable of training dogs to reliability in "off lead" situations should owners choose that level of training and control with their dogs. Cyndy is experienced in training through a variety of formats including group classes, private lessons, and boarding training. She is always willing to work with motivated and committed clients to help them achieve their training goals with their dogs.

Recently, Cyndy has earned more than 100 titles since 2002 in AKC, USDAA, ASCA, TDAA, and NADAC Dog Agility Competition with 8 of her personally owned dogs. In addition to an interest in the sport of dog agility, Cyndy also trains for Tricks, Dock Diving, Rally Obedience, Freestyle Dance (or Dancing with your dog), Frisbee Disc, Sheep & Duck Herding, Nose Work, and Pet Therapy.


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Georgia Dog Gym. 35 Fred Kelly Road. Rome, Georgia 30161. 706-378-BARK