Hall of Fame Dogs

Dusty's Auburn Triumph, CGC, NAJ, NJP, NJC-V, JV-N, OJC-V, JV-O, TN-N-V, TN-O-V, PG1, Therapy Dog "Jaymie" ,Golden Retriever. Jaymie was raised by Cyndy and, for most of Jaymie's 14 years she worked with Cyndy as the #1 demo dog in Cyndy's business. Jaymie was six years old before she began training for agility and Jaymie competed in agility with Cyndy until she was 10 years old. Jaymie was an outstanding demo dog and family companion. Jaymie was also a certified Happy Tails Pet Assisted Therapy Dog. She passed away on April 1, 2008 at the ago of 14.


Kington Kennel's "Tout de Suite", CGC, PJ1, PJ2, PK1, PK2, PS1, PS2, NJC, OJC, NAC, TG-N, TG-O, RS-N, RS-O,GS-N, JS-N, JS-O, TBAD, TIAD, TG1, TG2, ASCA Open HIT, is a young Pug. Quite an unusual prospect for agility........ but no one has let "Toot" in on that secret! She is a high drive little lady who cannot get enough of her agility training! In January of 2006, she competed in her very first USDAA Agility Trial. She brought home three Second Place Ribbons as well as a Qualifying Score in the Jumpers Class where she finished the course 11 seconds UNDER time!! In February 2006, at her second USDAA Trial in Gainesville, Tout de Suite swept the competition earning FOUR 1st Place ribbons and THREE 2nd Place ribbons! What a PUG!!!! By March 2006, she'd made her first mark in NADAC Agility with FIVE Qualifying runs in ONE DAY! In April 2006, she earned her first Agility Title in USDAA Snooker. In April of 2008 she managed to WIN Round one of the USDAA Performance Speed Jumping Class at a local trial. By May of 2008, she has made it to all PIII USDAA Classes except for Gamblers. In the same month she won an ASCA Open High in Trial Award. Toot also competed in the highest level of agility in the Teacup Dogs Association Agility Trials. Toot was retired from performance sports in 2009 due to an unfortunate injury that resulted in the loss of one of her eyes.  

Here are several pictures of Tout de Suite:


Kingston Kennel's Sallie CGC, AD, NAJ, OAJ, NAC, RS-N, OA, OAJ, NJC, JVN, OAC, RS-O, Therapy Dog. Sallie began her agility training at 4 years old. She was a rescue dog who I found living at a veteranarian clinic because her owners, who had adopted her from the pound, failed to ever pick her up and pay for her spay surgery. Sallie was a challenge to train as she was high in prey drive, nervous, fearful, and had a terrible obsessive habit of neck scratching that had caused scars. She was afraid to ride in the car and afraid to be out in public places. Once rehabilitated, Sallie became the most reliable and consistent agility dog I have ever worked with. Sallie was also a certified Happy Tails Pet Assisted Therapy Dog. Sallie has now been retired from agility and shares a wonderful life being spoiled by a sweet young family in Cumming, GA.

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