Let me begin by saying that we have 8 dogs and have trained my dogs in a variety of activities around the southeast for almost 10 years. My wife and I moved to Cartersville three years ago with the expectation of never finding a quality trainer in the area. Was I ever surprised to the Georgia Dog Gym just down the road in Rome. Not only is the facility first class, but the owner Cyndi Douan is a wonderful trainer. We have taken dog agility training under Cyndy. Having a lot of experience in training dogs, I can testify that Cyndy's methods are modern, successful, and humane. I recommend her and her staff without hesitation for training and boarding.

Rome should be very proud to have such a facility as the Georgia Dog Gym. I know of no other facility in the Atlanta area that is as nicely setup and well run with qualified and friendly trainers. My advice, stay in Rome if you want to visit a dog trainer!  
Howard Bayerle

Georgia Dog Gym is more than just a place to baby sit and give your dog socialization training.  Cyndy Douan is a highly trained professional who can help you with serious problems with your dog.  I had a rescued animal who had severe fear aggression and other issues.  She took him for intensive training for two weeks, and he is a regular, peaceful dog now.  She has knowledge of many different ways to help animals, not just your typical clicker training. I highly recommend her as a trainer.  Leila Mullis

My pug, Puga Ann, began training classes when she was three months old.  The trainer at the Georgia Dog Gym, Cyndy, has great methods that even worked with my young puppy! There is a lot of "homework" that the owner and dog must do together, but it is well worth the hard work! We live very close to the gym, and Puga loves to go to the facility to board and for daycare! The staff is very friendly, and Puga gets very excited to see them! I would use this kennel and training facilities again and would recommend them to anyone needing to board and train their dog.

Paulene Middleton and Puga Ann

I've used the Georgia Dog Gym on several occassions.  I've boarded my pets there and I've had one dog trained there.  The training I recieved was "awesome".  I went with the private lessons, primarily becuase of schedulling and to optimize my time in training.  After six weeks of training my dog did all the usual commands along with "place" and others.  What made the trianing "awesome" was the fact that I could walk my dog, without leash, to and from the bus stop with my 1st Grader and have her sit there while the other kids played and petted her without her getting up or taking off.  She is a Fox Terrier, i.e. high strung, so this is no simple or easy task.  I have another dog I plan on having Cyndy train when I can again fit it into my schedule.  This one should be easier since it's a GSD.  Maybe not.  Either way I have confidence in Cyndy to handle it.  For what it's worth, I drive from the northern suburbs of Atlanta to use the Georgia Dog Gym because I feel that it offers more services and better training for the price. Richard Powell

I have known Cindy for a couple of years.  I also own a German Shepherd female and a German Shepherd male. Both I have trained in obedience, both are K-9 Good Citizens and the male is a conformation.  My GSD female goes to Georgia Dog Gym for grooming.  I have always felt she got the best of care there. She has no problem going back.  Cindy is a very well rounded person who cares about all the dogs that she trains, boards, and grooms.  The Georgia Dog Gym is located on Hwy 293 (Kingston Rd.).  Every time that I have been there it is always clean and a pleasant experience.  She has great exhibitions for all breeds of dogs. Go by the Dog Gym and meet Cindy and her staff, go to her web site, do your research before you form an opinion. I trust Cindy and her staff with the love of my life, my shepherds I am very particular about my shepherds because they are a member of my family and share our life including vacations, outings. If you are a dog person and love your dogs check out Georgia Dog Gym I know you will be glad you did!!!  Sue Brown

I can vouch for the GA Dog Gym and Kingston Kennels 100%. Even tho I live 50 miles away, I took my German Shepherd Dog (GSD) to Cyndy when he was 10 weeks old for basic obedience training. He took to her immediately and learned his lessons well (I opted for the private one on one lessons). Now, my dog is almost 2 1/2 years old - the ONLY place he has ever been kenneled is at Kingston Kennels and the ONLY person who has ever bathed and groomed him is Cyndy. Even with the price of gas, I will never go anyplace else. Cyndy has the unique ability to make you feel like you and your pet are the most important customers she has....

My GSD dog developed some "socialization" problems mainly due to the fact we live out in the country and he never sees anyone. I have had to deal with them as there is only so much you can do about the environment your dog lives in....I just don't put him in situations where there may be a "problem"., i.e. I don't take him to the mall, etc. etc.....that's just asking for trouble. On the other hand, I sleep soundly at night knowing he would never let anyone within 100 yards or our house w/o alerting us to the fact. I was worried that because of his personality that I would not be able to kennel him/groom him with anyone for fear he would retaliate...not so with Cyndy. Everytime I drop him off and pick him up, she tells me he's a perfect gentleman and gives her no problem.....just this tells me she knows what she's doing.  She has been a lifesaver for me and my GSD.

I can't recommend her enough - you won't regret using her to train your dog or to kennel him/her.

Bob Whritenour

The Georgia Dog Gym is highly recommended by Veterinarians who not only acknowledge the competency of the staff at Kingston Kennels, but use them for the training of their own personal pets. My experience with this group has been outstanding. Guess that's why I travel from Marietta so that my white shepherd can get the best of care. Check out their website....go to see them...inspect their facilities, I did and it was worth the trip!  Nancy Morrison

I will sing her praises till the day I die. My son was in a severe accident and the wait for a service dog for wheelchair victims was 7 years. Cyndy along with a dear friend offered to train a service dog at a large reduced rate. I have 6 million dollars of hospital bills and still going strong and my funds are very limited. Cyndy took time out to screen many dogs and we finally had a breeder donate a puppy. Cyndy has been training Mejia with awesome results. Her classes are well organized and she is a doll to work with. Mejia also attends doggy day care there for socialization. This place is awesome, clean and all the staff are so friendly. I can guarentee you. you would not be disappointed with Georgia Dog Gym. I wouldnt ever hesitate to recommend her and the gym for every need. Cyndy was a god send for my son and I and Mejia. Please feel free to call me if you would like a reference. I could sing their praises for hours.            Andrea Covington and Mejia

I was a student of Cyndy Douan, the owner of the Georgia Dog Gym,  until my dog passed away.  I took obedience, agility and private lessons at her original facility, Kingston Kennels, and was extremely pleased. 

I was always amazed at how Cyndy could analyze any training problem or concern that I had with my dog and supply an awesome solution.  She has great insight into animals and would never steer you wrong, thus I whole heartedly would recommend training and/or boarding at Georgia Dog Gym. 

Sharon Fleisch

My husband and I have been customers of Cyndy, the owner of the Georgia Dog Gym, for almost three years now.  We moved here in June 2005 with an English Lab from Chapel Hill,  NC and one of our concerns living in a rural area such as Calhoun was finding a boarding facility for our dog.  A friend recomended Cyndy and we will be forever grateful.  We travel quite a bit and now have 2 English Labs.  They adore Cyndy and staying with her.  The Georgia Dog Gym has an outstanding facility and staff.  Our two dogs are so excited to go.   Also, having lived in an area with lots of training and boarding facilities, I can say that you will not find anything better in any city.  Cyndy is an excellent trainer and her dogs stand testiment to that fact.   Our area is very fortunate to have such a great place to train and board our "family members".  I would urge you to take the time to talk to Cyndy about training your puppy.  I think you will be impressed.
Christina Turner





"We were amazed by the dog that returned from Kingston Kennels. In place of the wild and unrulely nine month old German Short Hair that we dropped off, we picked up a trained, attentive, and well behaved dog. Scout is now able to heel, sit, stay, and come when called. We finally are comfortable bringing her to the park to play with her friends knowing that she will come when called - improving both Scout's lifestyle and ours. Cyndy is amazing with dogs - a true dog whiperer of the south - who commands respect, love, and attention from the dogs that she works with."

                                                                          Whitney O' Brien

                                                                           Atlanta, GA



Hello Cyndy -


Just wanted to give you a progress report on Ella since we have had her back home for over a month now.  She has really done beautifully with the remote collar and with more supervision from us.  She seems calmer in general and her sweet nature is much more evident now that she isn't trying to bowl everyone over!  Walking her with the remote collar has been such a pleasant experience - such a change from our having to constantly tug on the lead (hard!) to keep her near heeling.  She knows the routine and settles down pretty quickly into a nice, behaved creature after we get going on our walk.   She isn't 100% yet, but that will take some time I know - we have the tools to keep her paying attention and she knows what to expect, so I see continued success with Ella. 


Thanks so much for everything!  We will probably need you again in the future, but for now, things are so much more managable and everyone, including Ella, is much happier.



Barbra Love

Asheville, NC




We have a Smooth Fox Terrier named Laika (pronounced LYE-kuh).  Having never owned a Terrier before, it became readily apparent why the breed is so named.  Terms such as stubborn, strong-willed, feisty, and completely insane would not be far off the mark.  In fact, after leaving her at Georgia Dog Gym for her first overnight stay, we were greeted with, “You must be here for The Wild One,” when we arrived to pick her up. 


Within the first few weeks of introducing her to our family, we had already reached our wits end and decided to seek professional help.  A co-worker of ours highly recommended Cyndy Douan at the Georgia Dog Gym.  This co-worker had used her boarding training for his Miniature Pinscher and was greatly pleased with the results.  Since I wanted a more “hands-on” approach, we signed up for 6 private lessons.  After the first lesson we saw a marked improvement, and by the second lesson we felt confident we would be successful in taming what was believed to be untamable.  By the fourth lesson we had achieved all our major goals of training.  Laika was now completely off leash trained, and would respond to ‘Come, Sit and Stay” commands.  She would also go to any one of several places based on the “Place” command that was used.


After just 4 lessons it was remarkable the progress Cyndy was able to make with Laika.  Through Cyndy’s recommended use of high-quality treats as positive reinforcement and a remote electronic collar as negative reinforcement, we now have a dog that is the envy of the neighborhood.  This combination, along with very regular, consistent practice, has proven to be the right formula.  Laika now escorts me and my 6 year old daughter to the bus stop every morning, off leash, and sits by my side as we wait for the school bus.  Even though Laika is still just a puppy at 7 months old she sits, wagging her tail vigorously while the other children gather for the bus.


Cyndy’s calm approach, her obvious affection for dogs, and the success thus far make it easy to recommend her services for anyone needing to train their dog.




Richard Powell

Marietta, GA




My dog Sweetie, a 3 year old Plott Hound who would do anything to get to a squirrel, and I just completed the Georgia Dog Gym basic obedience class with Cyndy Douan. I went in to the series of lessons wanting to gain a little control of Sweetie while walking and running at the park. She would occasionally bolt for a squirrel and almost pull me down, or run in front of me and trip me. Through the 6 lessons, we progressed from the basic sit, down, and stay commands to heeling on the leash (a loose leash!). We also started learning the ‘go’ command by playing a really fun game with paper plates and treats. I am very satisfied with what we accomplished, and although we have a lot of work to do at the park with all of those distracting squirrels, I now know how to get to the level of obedience I would like Sweetie to have. I look forward to strengthening this bond with my dog.

                   Susan Fitzpatrick, DVM 

Dr. Fitzpatrick & Sweetie the Plott Hound

Georgia Dog Gym. 35 Fred Kelly Road. Rome, Georgia 30161. 706-378-BARK