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Born on May 14, 2002, "Riff" has had an impressive career as a Multi-Sport Performance Dog.

Riff is a Smooth Coat Border Collie whose ancestors, for generations, have been bred and selected for their sheepherding ability. Riff was bred by Red Creek Farm's Carol Anne Bailey Tholkes and most dogs who came out of Riff's sire & dam have lived their lives working sheep and cattle on livestock farms, many trialing on sheep with good sucess. 

Riff is a very high drive and powerful dog who is also cheerful, outgoing, friendly, and biddable. He has been a very healthy, hardy dog with a very balanced outlook on life. An excellent work ethic and willingness to learn and work as a team, has made Riff an excellent performer under any conditions.

Riff has primarily trialed and titled in the sport of Dog Agility. He has also competed in Herding Trials, Disc Dog Sports, Flyball, Dock Diving, Obedience, & Rally Obedience. Riff has learned the principle elements of herding (outrun, fetch, outside & inside flanking, and some driving) & has worked sheep, goats, & ducks.

Riff has traveled the country by plane and by RV to assist as a demo dog for agility & disc dog seminars as far west as California and as far north as Wisconsin. He regularly participates in demonstrations of agility, frisbee, duck herding, tricks & obedience at local festivals, schools, and sports events. Riff is also a demo dog for all of Georgia Dog Gym's training classes.

Riff sired a litter of puppies born on July 7, 2010. This litter got it's nickname "The Jiffy Pups" from dam, June, & sire, Riff. The Jiffy Pups have their very own Facebook page linked below.  All of these pups are rising stars.

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April 2012:
 DockDogs lists "Riff" as the #2 Veteran Big Air Dog and #2 Legend Big Air Dog in the Worldwide Rankings!

Riff's Video and Photo Collection

On July 30, 2011, Riff achieved a NEW PERSONAL BEST in DOCK DIVING! At the age of 9 years, Riff jumped 26 Feet 4 inches. The video of his Big Air Jump is shown below.
Riff won Second Place at this event, Ultimate Air Dogs, 2011 Bele Chere Festival, Asheville, N.C.


Riff works sheep at Red Creek Farm


Freestyle Dance Demo at Atlanta's Dogwood Festival







Riff performs for the Rome Braves Baseball Team

Riff relaxes in Key West, Florida

In July of 2010, and again in April of 2012,  puppies were born! Sired by Riff and out of "Rafter W June", these pups are known as the Jiffy Pups. These pups have their own Facebook Page and you can click below to see them, join as a Friend of the Jiffy pups, and stay updated on their progress in training as performance dogs.

There are no more planned breedings of Riff and June.

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Some News Archives on Riff.................
........from the old Kingston Kennels Website:


Cyndy Douan knew that her 7 year old Border Collie, Riff, loved to jump. Riff has always preferred being in the air rather than on the ground. He often will jump in the air to retrieve a ball even when the ball is on the ground! Riff has jumped in agility competitions, flyball tournaments, and frisbee disc events. He has a cute set of jumping tricks when there is nothing else around that he can jump. This summer, Cyndy decided to enroll Riff in a dock diving class for fun, and, after the second class, when Riff dove off the dock and landed in the pool 25 feet away, it was really obvious that Riff had found just one more way to enjoy Big Air!

At the last minute, Cyndy entered Riff in the Ultimate Air Dogs Dock Diving Tournament at the Bele Chere Festival in Asheville, North Carolina. On Day 1 of the Tournament Riff dived to land in first place in the Masters Class (the 2nd highest Ultimate Air Dogs Jumping Division). The first set of dives on Day 2 moved Riff up to Second place in the Ultimate Division (the highest diving division!). The second set of Day 2 dives put Riff in First place in the Tournament and Riff REMAINED in First Place all the way to FINALS on Day 3. The Finals were a real nail biter. Riff was up against two of the top divers in the nation. Ginger, a Yellow Lab, and Gauge, a Chocolate Lab who also is a member of the Purina Dock Diving Team! On the first of the two Finals jumps, Cyndy threw late, causing Riff to bobble and only jump 23 feet 8 inches. Gauge was able to dive 24feet 2 inches and 24feet 3 inches and Ginger was not far behind. Cyndy and Riff took the dock for the last jump of the Finals and the crowd just lit up with cheers. Cyndy released Riff, threw the toy, and Riff LAUNCHED for the WIN!!!  TWENTY-FIVE FEET, FOUR INCHES!!!!

On November 16, 2008 at a USDAA Agility Trial in Gainesville, Ga both Tout de Suite (a Pug) and Riff (a Border Collie) qualified for Round Two of the Local Qualifier for Perfomance Speed Jumping. "Toot" had won Round One on Saturday in her class and Riff had earned a Third Place in his class. On Sunday, the next day of the trial, Tout de Suite won the Performance Speed Jumping event in her class and Riff earned a Second Place in his class!! Cyndy Douan is very proud of her agility dogs!


Labor Day weekend, Riff returned to agility trialing following 6 months of rehabilitation and conditioning under the consult and guidance of Dr. Maria Glinski of the CARE Rehabilitation Center in Aiken, S.C. Many thanks to Dr. Maria for her expertise as well as her staff for their compassionate care! Since his return to agility, Riff has won a Local Qualifier for the 2009 USDAA Performance Speed Jumping Tournament as well as this Open ASCA HIT. Riff is running strong and thoroughly enjoying his return to the sport of Dog Agility.

On September 21, 2008, Riff & Cyndy won the USDAA Performance Speed Jumping Local Qualifier in Huntsville, AL.

Run, Riff, Ruuuuunnnn!!!!!!

Riff's First Flyball Tournament is a Success!!

On March 31st and April 1st,2007, Riff and Cyndy joined the Music City Road Dogs Flyball Team to compete in a NAFA sanctioned tournament at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN. On Saturday, Riff's Team won First Place in Division 6 competition! According to Riff's flyball coach, Howard Bayerle, "Riff performed excellent! He earned two titles this weekend (FD - Flyball Dog and FDX - Flyball Dog Excellent) and based on the smile on his face he appeared to have a really good time. Riff's fastest run was a 4.4 second run which is really fast. Cyndy ran Riff as the start dog on the team and had one start time of .002 (that means 2/10000 of a second differenitial between the light turning green and Riff's nose crossing the beam) and that was starting from almost 60' back!" With such a remarkable performance in his first Tournament, there is talk of adding Riff to a Division 1 or 2 Flyball Team for the upcoming Tournament in May in Chatanooga. We'll keep you posted on how it all goes!

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